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Lone Pine and Western Railroad  

See the 2015 Summer Tour Gardern Time newsclip for this railroad at

Engineer: Tom Gaps
Scale: 1:20.3 (Fn3)
Power: Battery and steam

Landscaping and track work completed April 2011; but work continues on landscaping and structures.

Baker and Grande Ronde Railroad  

See the 2015 Summer Tour Gardern Time newsclip for this railroad at

Engineer: Gary Lee
Scale: 1:24 (½ inch)
Power: Battery and steam

A beautiful combination of landscaping and craftsman wood structures make this a “Must see” on the Summer Tour.

Colorado and Southern Railroad

Engineer: Bill Derville
Scale: 1:24
Power: Track DCC (converting to battery)

Set in the 1910 to 1920 period in Colorado. Engineers built three tunnels totaling 90 feet in length as they carved a 2% grade to the Summit. The mainline is single track with 4 passing sidings so opposing trains can pass. There is a reversing loop at each end so trains can run continuously on the 475 foot mainline.

Blueberry Mountain Railroad

Engineer: Dennis Rose
MOW: Carolyn Rose

Denver and Rio Grande Western RR Summit Branch

President and Chief Operating Officer: Bill Dippert
Treasurer: Jean Dippert
Scale: 1:22.5
Power: Track and Battery/RC

We are modeling a fictional branch of the D&RGW Ry from La Puerta to Summit. Era is 1950-60's. Mainly steam power, but some early narrow gauge diesels also. The track goes all over a 100 x 150 size lot. Roughly 1000 feet of total trackage.

Club Modular Display

50 x 60 ft. Modular Display set up at Great Train Expo, 2009 -2010- 2011

Double track main with two bridges. In 2011 we added a 6’ lift bridge based on one of the bridges in Portland. Video of the test of lift mechanism is included.

Cedar Grove Railroad

Engineer: Doug Watson
Scale: 1:29
Power: Track

Mainline action with sweeping curves around a grove of cedar trees.

Whiskey Creek and Bear Mountain Railroad

Engineers: Ron and Merlene Bacon
Scale: 1:32, 1:29, and 1:20.3
Power: Battery/RC and Live Steam

The Underground Railroad

Engineer: Joe Chesney
Power: Track and Battery/RC

Railroad runs from the basement to the backyard.

Bearspaw Southern Railroad  

See the 2016 Summer Tour Gardern Time newsclip for this railroad at

Engineers: Warner and Brooke Swarner
Power: Track and Battery Radio Control

Fantastic use of a crawlspace and the entire front and backyard make this a very entertaining railroad.

Camp Creek Railroad

Engineers: Hal and Ellen Beighley

MRT&T Railroad

Engineers: TJ and Renee Meyer
Power: Track

Town of Rocky Top and Canyon City USA

Chicago Burlington & Quincy (CB&Q)

Engineers: Allan and Kathryn Warrior
Power: Track