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Quinn Mountain Railroad

Christina Brittain and Bud Quinn

Early 19th century RR begun in 2005. Consists of a mainline with 400+’ of flexible stainless steel rail, max. 3.2% grade, min. 6’ radius curves, folded over and under, crossing the home’s main walkway twice. Encompassing 70’ x 32’ front garden area. Smaller, independent loop is accessed from the main line. Track bed is on pressure treated 2x6 lumber screwed to p.t. 2x6’ driven 2’ into ground, backfilled with topsoil/compost mix.

Truly a “garden with a train running through it”, featuring a waterfall, stream, and pond. Enhanced with lush plantings of Japanese maples, miniature evergreens, lilacs, sedums, hostas, etc. Enclosed 16x24 post-beam building with wood-burning stove provides cozy train viewing in winter, and removable windows and doors for summer breezes. A spur with access doors into the building provide covered train parking. Other RR features are stone retaining walls comprised of native Washington State rock (volcanic rock from E. WA, and round river rock from W. WA.)  A 3’ high wood retaining wall provide waist-high access to track. Home and RR sit on 40 acres of lush forest with spectacular Columbia Gorge views. Property is also Columbia Gorge Retreat with two suites for overnight guests.

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